What’s wrong with politics?

Your vote is one of the most powerful tools you have – but it no longer feels like it. Many of us feel duped and frustrated by our political leaders. Increasingly we demand action – on climate change, wealth inequality or mass migration. But they don’t act. Why?

Destructive Global Competition – every government’s need to keep its economy competitive and attractive to inward investors and transnational corporations and the jobs they bring – means that no government can implement the policies needed to solve global problems. Because those policies will cost businesses more, make them uncompetitive with businesses elsewhere, and ultimately either drive them out of business or out of the country.

As a consequence, whoever we vote for, nothing much changes because whoever may be in office is inevitably caught in the vicious circle of Destructive Global Competition. They have to implement much the same narrow range of competitiveness-oriented policies. So our problems get worse. That's why, when it comes to the really important issues, our votes have become meaningless and we citizens feel powerless.  We call this Pseudo-democracy.

Using our votes to take back the world

But just when you thought your vote had become meaningless, Simpol transforms it into the most powerful tool for global justice. What's more, you can have a little fun with it!

Instead of voting for this or that party in the vain hope that they can deliver real change, you can use your vote to drive the politicians of all parties to support Simpol. It's rather like having two votes - a global one alongside your existing national one.

By joining Simpol you are telling politicians that you'll be giving strong preference at all future national elections to politicians who support Simpol, to the probable exclusion of those who don't. In that way, politicians who fail to support Simpol risk losing votes - and possibly their seats - to those who do. As our numbers grow, this creates a 'domino effect' on politicians: when one politician confirms their support, others are under increased prssure to follow. So joining Simpol is your global vote. Then, on election day, you get your national vote just like everyone else.

And it works! Check out the growing list of politicians who support Simpol.

Simpol is the simple way that we're using our votes to take back the world. It's the way we are transcending the world of broken politics, division, polarisation and blame. It's the way we're going beyond Right vs Left, Nationalist vs Globalist and Us vs Them to address what really matters. Simpol means that we are all one, unique in our difference and yet united in our determination to solve global problems, simultaneously and together, so everyone wins. Will you join us?